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Chapter 696.   The valuable DOS Freeware page

Links to valuable free Dos programs working on low equipped computers.(1)

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696.1   Introduction

The Dos operating system meant much for many people. Today, proprietary Dos-like operating systems seem to be no more developed. In this situation, the only possible future for Dos is the ``free'' software, and it is not just a matter of money anymore.

Unfortunately, ``free'' is a word with many meanings. Today, this is still the biggest obstacle to the future of the Dos world. There is so much software for Dos, with so many different license agreements. The typical Dos user doesn't mind to it. But this problem prevents the realization of big serious projects based on it.

Today, the Dos world needs philosophy, and the GNU idea is still the right one (<http://www.gnu.org>).

The author of this space would like to list here only ``free software'' in the sense stated by the Free Software Foundation, but it is impossible, as there isn't enough good real free software for Dos.

The listed software is meant to work on i286 and below.

It is attempted to give some kind of classification about the legal condition of the software presented here. The definition used might be outdated, or there might be other wrong assumption. In particular, the definition ``public domain'' means here, in most cases, that there is the source, but there is no clear license statement.

Beside the URI links of some FTP services there is an additional ``search link'' that queries a FTP search engine for the same file. These additional links should be used when there are troubles with the main links.

Anyone can link this document anywhere, so, there is no need to ask for it. Anyway, it is better to link to this document using at the file name <http://appunti.linux.it/the_valuable_dos_freeware_page.htm>.

In the future, many links may disappear on this page, because of more selective choices concerning software license.

696.2   OS and GUI

696.3   Utility

archive, backup
directory, file

696.4   Network

packet driver

See also:

696.5   Compilers


See the FreeDOS project (<http://www.freedos.org>) for assembler compilers.


See the FreeDOS project (<http://www.freedos.org>) for C and C++ compilers.


Perl (39) - Practical Extraction Report Language <ftp://ftp.simtel.net/pub/simtelnet/msdos/perl/>


See also:

696.6   Typesetting

696.7   More Dos software sources

696.8   Search engines

Appunti di informatica libera 2007.02 --- Copyright © 2000-2007 Daniele Giacomini -- <daniele (ad) swlibero·org>

1) This material appeared originally at http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/7737/, in 1996.

2) FreeDOS   GNU GPL

3) FreeGEM   GNU GPL

4) Gzip   GNU GPL

5) TAR (Dos)   public domain

6) Untgz   GNU GPL

7) Info-ZIP   free software with special license

8) Restaur   cannot be sold for profit

9) DosFax   public domain

10) Bgfax   promised to become free software

11) Rifs   cannot be sold for profit


13) Dug_ide   free of charge, with sources

14) Fips   GNU GPL

15) Part   public domain

16) NG_clone   public domain

17) DC   public domain (no license at all, and no sources)

18) Cmos   public domain

19) Cmoser   free of charge

20) Bios   free of charge

21) KGB   public domain

22) Vim   free software with special license

23) Crynwr packet driver collection   GNU GPL

24) WATTCP   free of charge library

25) DOS PPPD   mixed licenses

26) Comring   GNU GPL

27) WATTCP apps   cannot be sold

28) MiniTelnet   free software with a special license

29) Bobcat   GNU GPL

30) Arachne   GNU GPL

31) PCroute   cannot distribute modifications

32) PPRD   software non libero: licenza Artistic

33) NCSA Telnet   public domain

34) NOS   public domain


36) Talk   GNU GPL

37) ABC-nslookup   UCB BSD

38) BAT2EXE   public domain

39) Perl   GNU GPL or Artistic

40) BREXX   public domain

41) nanoBase   GNU GPL

42) Nro   public domain

43) Ghostscript   GNU GPL

44) emTeX   LPPL but some files have different conditions

It should be possible to link to this page also with the name the_valuable_dos_freeware_page.htm

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