Analysis Activities

Measurement of the ttbar production cross section in the MET+jets channel
This analysis has been performed mainly by Gabriele Compostella for his PhD Thesis. The data is collected by using the multijets trigger and events are then selected by vetoing the electrons and muons as reconstructed by CDF. A significant amount of missing energy is require in order to enhance the W decays in tau. The background is cut down by using a Neural Network discriminant and the reamining background evants are counted by using the dt itself.
The analysis has been approved by the collaboration for conferences presentation and a paper is in progress. A detailed description of the work including the approved plots can be found here.

Observation of ZZ in four lepton decay channel
The first observation of ZZ at CDF has been performed by Matteo Bauce for his Laurea thesis. The analysis starts on a sample of events collected by the single lepton trigger and then selected by requiring four good lepton. The only additional requirement is on the invariant mass of each dilepton couple. The expected backgroud is very low and calculated using data.
The analysis was approved by the CDF collaboration for presentation at conferences and details on the measurement with all blessed plots are in the public page.

Search for Higgs to WW* Production
This is one of the flagship CDF analysis in absolute. This is the Simone Pagan Griso PhD thesis. The search uses data collected by the single lepton trigger and after few cleaning cuts a Neural Network and a Matrix Element discriminant is applied in order to separate signal from background. Then a limit on the production cross section as function of Higgs mass is set. The current limit has been blessed by the collaboration for the summer conferences. The analysis is quite complicated, a detailed description can be found here.

Search for Higgs to WW* Production using hadronic tau
This analysis will constitute the PhD thesis of Maria d'Errico. In progress.

Study of the Sensitivity of H->bb-bar direct production
This analysis was performed by Stefano Camarda for his laurea thesis and now Silvia Amerio is continuing it. The work is in progress.

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