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14. Printing

mgv has the ability to print an entire document or just selected pages. Printing is accessed through the Print button in the File menu which pops up a Print dialog. You can try and print a PDF file but don't expect it to work unless your print spooler knows what to do with PDF files.

The Print dialog contains the following controls:

The default print command is taken from the printCommand application resource. If you do not specify the printCommand resource, mgv will attempt to choose sensible values; the manual entry for the printCommand resource discusses the guessing procedure, the printCommand resource entry also lists the restrictions on the print command. The Print dialog can be made sticky.

If the current document does not contain DSC comments, then you will not be able to mark individual pages and hence, you will only be able to print the entire document.

If your print spooler prints any status messages, a message box containing the messages will be popped up.

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