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17. Sticky Dialogs

Some of the dialogs in mgv can be configured to require explicit user action to dismiss them; generally, the dialogs will dismiss themselves after you press the OK or Apply button but some users dislike this behavior. If you prefer to keep dialogs up until you explicitly dismiss them (via Cancel or Dismiss buttons), then you can use the wlAutoDismiss resource to keep the dialogs up (note that all of the dialogs in mgv are modeless so keeping the dialogs up will not interfere with normal application usage).

You can make all of the sticky-enabled dialogs sticky by setting the wlAutoDismiss resource to False with something like this:

        mgv*wlAutoDismiss: False
in your local resource file (probably "~/.Xresources") or from the command line:
        mgv -xrm 'mgv*wlAutoDismiss: False'

The following dialogs can be made sticky:

The File Open dialog offers similar functionality through its Browse toggle.

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