Remote Consumer Operator

The Remote Consumer Operator (Remote CO) is hosted in room 317 located at the third floor of the Dipartimento di Fisica Edificio di Via Paolotti.
In order to enter the building you need to have the electronic access card. Shifter is required to be there 30 minutes before the shift starts to set up the remote station properly. For any problem contact Donatella Lucchesi (0498275923)or Gabriele Compostella.
The shifter has to open two connections: video and on computer.
The shifter has to open a video connection with the CDF Control Room. This is done by using the portable apparatus Theseus-Aethra availabe in the room. The number to call is or the IP number alredy register on the machine as co connection. More information here . If nobody is connected from Fermilab call 7352-2080
Consumer session
The shifter has to log into For the moment only people with an account on the Padova cluster can log on using the same username and password of the CDF cluster. After the login just type xhost +

Shifter Instructions
Before the first shift the CO must have read the CO instructions
Once the local shifter is logged in he/she has to ask the SCICO at Fermilab to start ConCon (see Starting and ending remote CO shifts at Fnal ). After 30 seconds (or more it depends on the network) the ConCon menu is pop up. At this point the shifter should follow the same procedures as if he/she is at Fermilab following the Consumer Control instructions to start the monitors and the displays. The consumer status is shown in this link.
The display of each monitor can be opened via WEB. In order to found them just go at the bottom of the instructions page. We suggest to open one or two displays per monitor.
You can open Beam and LumMon and DAQErrorMon and SiliMon on the first monitor, Stage0 and ObjectMon and SVXMon on the second one and TrigMon and YMon on the third monitor. This procedure provvides you with updated plots avery 15-30 minutes since the plots are made reading files and these files are produced when the checklist is updated.
An othe method can be to use the snapshot pages . You can open your favorites monitors on the displays.
At this point you can start your work like if you are at Fermilab.